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    Next thing I want to do is look at a real tiny home. Is there anywhere close to San Antonio Texas where I can look at one or 20?

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    Here is a link to a Tiny House Village in San Antonio. You may ant to give them a ring and see if they have any available to tour. Also, here are some NOAH Certified builders in Texas that may have something available for you to see!
    Indigo River Tiny Homes

    Email: Innovative Tiny Homes

    Email: Rooted Tiny Homes

    Email: Shane McCardell

    Email: Step Two Builders LLC

    Email: Teensy Castles, LLC


    Good luck to you and I know you are going to have so much fun checking Tiny Houses out and touring them!


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      Thank you so much.


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        I just realized that I did not attach the link for the Tiny House Village I found in San Antonio, duh.


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          The San Antonio link includes missionary sponsorship? We know of one non-profit outfit that started as a loose religious collective in the 1980s and now has $7 million in assets. The pathology is that the panhandling still continues to this day. For some of us, this Texas community would be an immediate boycott, recalling one trailer park in Milwaukee whose landlord has 35 times the income of any tenant. Single-room occupancies have disappeared from the American landscape, which is a similar pathology to the Texas example, and note that they wish to keep the prisoners as tenants rather than owners. General Santa Ana would be pleased with such arrangements.


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            I agree with Mike about single-room occupancies having all but disappeared everywhere. I have been looking for one such arrangement in Florida for my mother and looks like her only choice, after 2 months of searching, is to rent a 2 bedroom (even tho she only requires and wants a 1 bedroom).The list of builders provided will give you a reputable builder with no religious commitment to tour and/or build your Tiny Home. If you would like to share about your Tiny Home tours in your area, I'd be happy to hear about it. Good luck!