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Ideas, please, for finding temporary land

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  • Ideas, please, for finding temporary land

    Hello. Looking for ideas on how to find landowners willing - and able, due to zoning restrictions - to have a tiny house/RV on their land, perhaps in return for some work. This is for a friend facing the street if we can't find him a solution. (No alcohol/drug issues, just no income.) Thank you much for suggestions!
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    What part of the country are you talking about?


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      Washington state


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        Just announced that new state legislation was passed in Washington making it easier to locate tiny homes ON wheels in urban, suburban and rural areas. The Washington Tiny House Association was the responsible advocacy group for it passing and I'm including a link for the story. They might be people who have resources to help your friend. They have meet up groups and are very involved in the tiny house movement in Washington.

        Hope this helps.


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          I would speak with the planning & zoning office in the area you want to live in and ask them where do they allow ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units) and if they allow Tiny Homes as ADU's. I've never heard of a committee not listing a Tiny House as an ADU, but just in case I'd ask. Then place an add in the local Penny-saver and also place an ad on FB Marketplace (the new Craigslist) and let them know that they can earn a passive income by renting space in their yard for a beautiful custom Tiny Home! Good luck!


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            If its on a Trading Services for Tiny Home Placement basis, I would be specific about what types of work he is willing to do. Also contacting RV Parks and Mobile Home Parks that may need some handyman work done in exchange for you parking your Tiny there. Also they may be more accepting of the idea if he is willing to sign a disclaimer that states that he is willing to move it from Lot to Lot every 29 days. This way if they aren't satisfied with the arrangement, they wouldn't need to go thru an eviction process because he lived in one place for 30 days or more. Also show proof of a P.O. Box because once the tenant has been in the property for 30 days or received mail there, the landlord must file for eviction if they want them out. At least that is what its like in Florida anyways. So just put their mind at ease after hearing their concerns. Best of luck to your friend.