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  • It's the Cat Show!

    With a thread for all the doggo's, I think we need one for cat's too. Charlotte is sitting on the pillow and Rorschach is on the window sill.
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    Even better, let's talk about Tiny House's and our pets. One of biggest concerns for a tiny house is where I'm going to put the stinky litter box and store all the accessories that goes along with my kitties like the litter and food. I am thinking of making a litter box area under the stairs.
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    That's a good point - having a Tiny House and a cat with a litterbox could present a problem since you can't stash it far away from your living spaces. What do you cat owners do in regards to this? Charlotte is very cute and Rorschach as a great (and fitting) name! NikkiVIntl


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      We keep our cat's litter box in a corner of our (large) loft and her food downstairs in our kitchen/dining area. At one point we had a cat box inside of a hacked IKEA cabinet, and it worked fine. I do worry about her navigating the stairs as she gets older. (She's 13ish now.) I imagine that we'll probably put her food and water upstairs at that point so she can just live up there most of the time when/if it becomes a problem. She prefers to be in the loft much of the time anyway.


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        What cuties! I love how you have made them a priority in your Tiny.