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Prefabrication for tiny houses and other other buildings...

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  • Prefabrication for tiny houses and other other buildings...

    I have been involved in a number of wood frame prefabrication projects and would love to try and answer questions that others may have about how prefabrication can be applied to building tiny houses and other small buildings. I spent about 1-1/2 years working for a prefabrication company that built full size houses and some smaller commercial buildings. I was in charge of the engineering department where our responsibility was to transform designs into manufacturing details for building wall panels and other prefabricated parts. In that job I lost count after 100 such design jobs. Much more recently I have spent time helping two different tiny house building companies get started. I introduced prefabrication techniques in both companies. I have personally built complete sets of panels for probably a dozen different tiny houses. I also have produced 3D designs and complete prefabrication drawings for those houses as well as quite a number of other units. I am also willing to do design work for people that would like to build their own tiny house. For more information about me and some of my prefabrication techniques check out the following: