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The Most Important Property of My Tiny House

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    Originally posted by NorthernSoutherner View Post

    Haha! Probably one of the most talked about features when people visit the first time. (The first is the washer/dryer combo.) So, the backstory is I was a major bookworm and collector of old books for years. I had a real challenge unloading all of my books when we downsized. By the way, you don't get much for books these days.. a sad commentary on the state of our local culture.

    I knew there were just 'a few' books I wanted to keep and I didn't want to disrupt our storage to keep them. (There are a few squirreled away here and there that you don't see here.) I knew there were a few books that had good memories attached to them and I wanted to be able to look at them now and then. So, I will tell you my secret weapon for tiny house living and decor. If you like modern minimalism like we do, then the Container Store will become your friend.

    I have scoured Amazon and countless other places on the internet for VERY specific items, with necessary dimensions and I ALWAYS end up at the Container Store. I know that there stuff costs more but I figure it this way: I often find that when we buy something to 'get by' then we often become dissatisfied with it in a year or so and we end up trying to replace the item with another cheap item. Those costs and the time wasted doing endless research end up costing you more than buying the right item (and usually) a well made item. I don't know where they source their stuff, but I find things there that I cannot find anywhere else (and believe me, I try HARD).

    So, for the person who hates to read, they are floating bookshelves from the Container Store. They come in sizes and can be used for other things beside books: Umbra Conceal Book Shelf

    We also use acrylic shelving from them. I don't want to disrupt the brightness of the house and I love the way light passes through them: Umbra Sheer Acrylic Wall Shelf

    Our philosophy is when you really downsize and stop buying stuff, you have the money to buy the things you REALLY want, not just the things that are cheap.

    Thanx for this!
    I'm a total book addict & have 40 cartons of them & notes, etc to sort & downsize in the next 6 weeks. With your thots & practical suggestions, I feel like I've been to a 12 step program! I am so inspired and ready to dig in. Save & display the ones I love - ditch the rest. I CAN DO IT!
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