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Anyone know anything about SimpleTerra Homes?

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  • Anyone know anything about SimpleTerra Homes?

    As many of you have seen my various posts, we are looking for a prefab solutions to a permanent dwelling for a mountain getaway. We have land, now we need a structure. Standard building techniques will not work where we have land so a prefab structure is ideal. Any help is appreciated.

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    I don't have any firsthand knowledge of them, but we've looked at them also. We were looking at their yurts. We've been very impressed and found some on YouTube.

    We decided, however, to go with Smiling Wooden Yurts, in part because we want to have more window options and doors than are easily accommodated by a traditional yurt and though we don't get lots of snow very often, I didn't want to have to go outside to open the window covers to let in light.

    Are you thinking of a yurt, container home or a more "traditional" tiny home?


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      Hi DC Dude,
      I found a blog article you may find helpful; They are even selling prefab homes on Amazon now! I would research prefab, off-grid living and see what pops up too! Best wishes!