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Tiny House on a basement foundation

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  • Tiny House on a basement foundation

    Hello Tiny House Forum! My name is Kim and I own 1.28 acres of land in West Boylston, MA. I am trying to find someone to help me bring my ideas to life. Contractors tell me I cannot have access to the basement from inside the tiny house. I would like to go wider than the typical 8x6 seeing that I won’t have the restrictions that building on wheels does. A lot of the tiny home companies are not willing to help me just design my home. They want the design and build on wheels. I even asked if they could build on a skid so that it can be dropped on a foundation and still no luck. Does anyone out there know of a company that would work with me to get a home built?

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum!
    I just checked the info online on a builder in Florida I know if who does good quality tiny houses/sheds on foundations. They are called Historic Sheds. Their site currently says they are limiting their work area to local stuff (must have plenty of work!). But you can check their site & maybe even contact them to see if they can recommend anyone.
    Hope you find someone soon to help you get started!


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      Thank you Betsy 💕