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    My husband and I have put an offer in to purchase a home in Texas and it has a 12X24 shed on the property that we are wanting to turn into a tiny guest home for when family and friends come visit. Has anyone had any experience with this? We are considering just doing a shower/sink/toilet, but wondering how connecting to plumbing would work? Most everything I am looking up is for mobile tiny homes and this would not be.

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    You would probably need to pull a permit to put plumbing in legally. They don’t usually tax sheds in Texas but plumbing might change that. There are wonderful ideas for converting sheds on Houzz, Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest. There are also ideas on Tiny House sites and newsletters. If you put a flush toilet in, it would have to connect to the sewer or septic. Plumbing would run from existing connections to the house or from the house. If you fly under the radar, you can do a composting toilet and run the PVC for plumbing out to the shed as long as they don’t do a reassessment of the property for tax purposes. Texas has high property taxes but no state tax.


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      I don't imagine zoning would allow for you to connect to sewer or septic in Texas on a shed to tiny House conversion.... It could still be done, under the radar so to speak, if you used dry sink methods and a composting toilet. a shower could be installed as well, but you'd have to use marine style pump water methods. In order to be certain however, you will have to check the county zoning regulations directly.


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        Whereabouts in Texas? We are from Austin but are thinking of purchasing property in San Antonio to do something similar, as the zoning regulations are a bit less strict than in Austin. As others have said, if you want to do it right from the start to void any potential issues later on, you will more than likely need a permit to run plumbing from the main house out to the structure. Depending on the city, this could be a very simple process, or a lengthy pain.

        Excited to follow along!