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    Hello Forum Friends!

    So it is no secret that having a tiny on wheels provides versatility and flexibility for living on the road. This reason is one of my biggest motivators for transitioning! Unfortunately, I do not have a set place I want to park.
    I was thinking of having a plot of land in my hometown of Yuma, AZ. Conveniently, there is a small plot located right next to my grandma's place. I have also been incredibly interested in going to the Midwest because I want a small garden and I think it would be easier to tend one on that side of the country. I mean, they do get a whole lot more rain, right? We'll see! I still have a long way to go.

    Thanks for the read

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    I moved from IL to NC 4 years ago because I discovered there's a big interest in THs here. Have attended several events in this state (Asheville, Pink Hill) and there are gardens galore here, including several nearby community gardens (biggest one by WCU which is free, but required to donate 1/2 of yield to local food pantries).
    Good luck on your journey!


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      Ohio gets tons of rains and you can garden galore! LOL good luck on your journey!


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        There are so many hidden nooks and crannies, or alcoves if you prefer, in the US. Just start doing some googling and you'll find what you are looking for. Or even better...Get a huge map and throw a dart at the board and wherever you land buy a ticket for the week or weekend and see how you like it. Some of the best decisions I ever made in life had no research behind them at all. I just trusted my gut and went with the flow of life. Look for signs that start coming to you. Your intuition could be your best guide and you can't find that one anywhere on the internet


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          Holy cow North Carolina, right? And Ohio! That sounds awesome. I didn't know that there was such an interest in tiny's over there! It's funny because nobody here really sees it as a plausible lifestyle. Everyone has a three-bedroom house at 900 sq ft minimum (it feels like.) I was also thinking of just randomly visiting a place that seems interesting to me, you know? I recently watched this Try Guys video where they visit Austin, TX. While I probably won't be choosing Texas, it made me think so much differently about how to travel! I think I will try that dart idea lol. I just wanna make sure to experience the local culture while I do!


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            We gets lots of rain in Washington state! Ha! I think that might be climate shock for someone from Yuma! It's not fantastic for gardening, though, unless you clear out enough trees to actually get a fair amount of sun. I know a number of people around here who have decent yields from their gardens, but I've never lived anywhere with enough afternoon sun to grow much of anything, unfortunately.