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Anyone experience with building on an old secondhand trailer?

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  • Anyone experience with building on an old secondhand trailer?

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently in the process of building my own tiny house. As a basis I bought a secondhand low-loader from 1974. I noticed that this massive trailer (weighs around 6 tonnes) is quite flexible and, because of tortion, can produce a significant difference in height left and right during transport (ex. above the wheels, the height of the platform is 96cm on both sides, in front where the truck is attached the height of the platform is 160cm right and 154cm left). And it is important to me because I might have to move it once a year. I suppose this is normal in all trailers but to me it seems this will put a lot of tension on the wooden structures of my house. And yet a lot of people build houses on old trailers. Am I wrong in assuming this flexibility is normal or am I worrying too much over the whole thing. Are there people who know what I'm talking about and have experience in this matter?

    Thanks a lot
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    Typically when I hear that someone is using a second hand trailer, my first response is to make sure it is reinforced properly to handle their (example) 20,000 lb Tiny Home while traveling and sitting stationary. However...this thing is a beast and I do not anticipate that you will need to reinforce this one at all. I suggest we dub it, The HULK Best of luck!


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      Raphael I agree with Nanci, that thing looks like a beast. That being said, I would also recommend that you take advantage of the NOAH's (National Organization Of Alternative Housing) certification process for all the valuable things it offers. They know what they're doing and if you're considering building a tiny house you should most definitely consider their services as it's money well spent when you're talking about a serious investment like a house.


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        Tiny House Basics is our resident trailer expert. Perhaps he has some feedback on this topic?