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Advice on finding a home for my tiny home?

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  • Advice on finding a home for my tiny home?

    I purchased a tiny house a few months ago, despite checking my local laws ahead of time I ran into problems with my neighbor and the city took his side. I now need to sell it, but having trouble. The manufacturer is kindly allowing me to keep it at their showroom in Roseville CA (just outside of Sacramento), but it's still a financial burden that I'm struggling with on top of derailing my plans for the future. Does anyone have advice on finding a home for my tiny home? It's a beautiful tiny house, built by a reputable manufacturer and certified as an RV. I've been posting on various tiny house listing websites and Craigslist but those haven't led to much interest. I'd greatly appreciate any advice, thoughts, ideas, etc.!

    For context, here's a link to a google drive folder with photos and info:

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    Dana T.

    Have you though about posting on Facebook marketplace? You might also look into seeing if any local realtors would be willing to list it. You might have to take a cut on the profit however it might be a great opportunity for a quick sale. If it's certified as an RV you might be able to show it at an RV dealership on the weekends.

    Another option to recover you loses might be to find a nearby area that you can park your tiny house and rent it out as an Air BnB. This way you could keep your tiny house but also make a profit. It seems to me that in that area you might make quite a lot from the seasonal travel.


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      I hadn’t thought about the Facebook marketplace, that’s a good idea! The others are too, so far the realtors I’ve asked don’t deal with tiny houses but I could reach out to more in case there are exceptions. This tiny house is too big to easily move for weekends but there may be some places online to list RVs that could work.

      I’m hesitant to rent or Airbnb it out since then it wouldn’t be brand new/unused, plus there aren’t legal places to park it near me other than RV parks, but also a good idea.

      Thank you for the suggestions!