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    I see a lot of Van conversions online and they are great all of them, but I really am interested in finding ones that are very innovative. I haven't seen anyone who has been able to hide things in the car.

    For example, I wonder how it could be possible to create some kind of "murphy" bed system inside a van, because if you can hide that mattress you have opened up the entire car for something else.

    Maybe this isn't so realistic in a mini van, but I can dream.

    I know it's for sure doable in a conversion van with high ceilings. Maybe that's the way I need to go. You can still be a bit stealthy with a conversion van.

    For me to be comfortable I need: a comfortable workspace, stove top/oven kitchen area, refrigerator, comfortable sleeping space, a way to dispose of waster that works for everyone.

    If you have any designs or have seen anyone doing something all the lines I'm looking for please share!!

    Infinite Love & Gratitude,

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    I've seen a couple of vans that have murphy beds in them, but the "Bed Garage" style is far more popular. One kinda popular example is The Fit RV on YouTube. Here's a link to their Van Tour. Around the 13:45 mark, they show you how their bed folds down and works:

    So it's definitely possible! There's some great examples on Instagram too, #vanlife is suuuuper popular there.


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      I haven't seen many murphy bed designs in vans, but there is a builder that has designed some incredibly unique and innovative van conversions that you should definitely check out!

      The company is called ThisMovingHouse and the builder's name is Jack. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but really admire their ingenious builds. They have converted several vans with off-set bunk beds that give you privacy, sometimes sleeping up to 4 people, and look incredible! Check out a few of their builds:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-05-20 20_59_37-Jack (@thismovinghouse) • Instagram photos and videos.png
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-05-20 21_04_32-Jack (@thismovinghouse) • Instagram photos and videos.png
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        Those look great! I appreciate all the comments everyone! I don't know what will be possible for me as I'm 6'2" I'm not sure I like the idea of slotting all those beds around each other, but it's a cool concept if you have kids. The folding bed from The Fit looks like a possibility. It's great to see all of these ideas, again I thank you all.

        It's my hopes that in time I could come up with some True innovation when I begin designing my layout.