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  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello! My name is Alan, founder of Dream Big Live Tiny Co., a platform where we strive to inspire people to dream big, live tiny, and travel more! We've been very involved in the movement since 2015, attending festivals, meeting tiny living enthusiasts both on- and offline, and venturing out on our own tiny living journey in the last 12 months.

    In 2018, I quit my corporate job to continue expanding our community and initiatives, and set out on a journey around the world for 9 months, spending most of my time teaching English in Cambodia, fundraising to build schools, and exploring the beautiful islands of Indonesia. I wanted to challenge the notion that we need tons of money and years of planning to travel extensively. After selling all of my belongings except for what could fit in a 40L and 20L backpack—living tiny materially and financially—I embarked on what would be one of the greatest adventures of my life to date. When I returned, I realized that I had only spent about $6000 in my travels, including flights, accommodation, food, scuba diving, and everything else!

    Now that I have returned home to Texas, I am on the search for land or developed property where I can build a tiny house to use as my home base, so that I have the opportunity to travel with the money and time that I will save living tiny!

    Really excited for Chuck and the Tiny House Forum team for getting this site up and running—hope to connect with many of you online and hopefully offline!

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    Welcome aboard Alan!


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      DreamBigLiveTinyCo Great to have you on the forum! Hope you'll have some time to spend here and and hangout whenever you get a chance.


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        It's good to have you here!


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          Welcome Alan! I'm sure you'll find tons of resources within this forum... Tons of helpful members as well that are always ready to give instruction and advice.....


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            Welcome, Alan!
            I'd love to hear about & see pix fr your global wandering. There's SO much we can learn from the rest of the world most of which lives tiny by necessity!
            ​​​​​​Start w/ Cambodia - what tiny living experiences did you have over there? Maybe you could post in the Global Forum - I started a Senegal (West Africa) section but global in general isn't getting much traffic.