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    I want to build my own Conversion Van/ Conversion SUV...I'm not completely opposed to converting an old Bus either. I Love the idea of having this classic vehicle on the outside and a complete modern innovation on the inside. I'm thinking of having a place to sleep, a kitchen, and an office space. Is this possible? Are my dreams unrealistic, or is there a perfect type of vehicle for this? I love the idea of hiding things in the vehicle that only come out when I need them. Maybe a bed that goes into the floor. An Office chair that is folded and pops down from the roof and then I just slap a cushion on it for comfort when I need it. What kind of portable shower/bathroom options could I have? What advice can I get on starting or from anyone who is currently living the lifestyle? What are some ways of working around the bathroom/ shower thing? Please share any thoughts you have I would love some feedback.

    Thank you,


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    My sister converted an old Dodge Caravan for herself and two dogs to live in while building her THOW. She parked it on her friend's property and was able to use the shower during the week. She built her bed/sleeping arrangements to fit her and the dogs which folds under the middle bench seat, installed a single "burner" that she runs off solar charged batteries for coffee in the am, has a propane camp stove to cook outdoors, a fold up kitchen array to prep food and clean up dishes, a Kindle for books, hand crank battery operated lights, and did it all herself. She found lots of info on YouTube and adapted it to her vehicle. Of course, she had inspiration from our childhood when we camped as kids and our friends' parents converted an old land Rover sort of vehicle for camping.

    She is a committed and ardent vegan, in her 60s, an environmentalist, anthropology student, is food safety certified and a chef, but she determined that there is only so much that can be done without using some things that are not recycled. Additionally, she works with the homeless and one of the most critical issues her group deals with is human waste issues and the risks to public health it causes. So in converting her van, she committed to only using public restrooms, and a small plastic camping toilet which she dumps at park or RV dumping facilities.


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      She sounds amazing! I would love to hear more about her and her stories. I am definitely on a similar adventure and I think I'd really like to convert an Astro Van as I like the idea of being stealthy. Do you happen to have any pictures of her Caravan setup? I think that's a good way to do it. Provide a good place to sleep and have your kitchen and stove be camping items. I once lived on the big island of Hawaii and we had an epic camping stove with a mini over and we pretty much cooked everything on it. I think what I love so much about this movement is that it shows you just how much you can do with just a little bit of things. For me, some critical items would be a refrigerator, stove top (place to cook), a way to use the restroom that works for everyone, a place to sit and do work/read, Internet, and a nice bed. If there was some way I could do this in an astro van or something a little bigger, but not too much bigger, that would be dope. I wonder what kind of innovative engineering could make that possible.

      Thanks again for Sharing TinyHouseGirl


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        Well, she only looked at living in her van as an interim solution while working on her tiny home, which is now complete.