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  • Inside Weather - Customizable Furniture

    i discovered this company a few months back, we would love to get one of their couches for our place but they are either to small or too large for the space we have, maybe some of these will be a good fit for yall!

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    Great site! Reminds me of the modular furniture from as well.


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      Thanks for the link to I've often thought there is a market for someone to build nice looking furniture for a tiny as it's not so easy to come across. I tend to prefer "modern" over "modular"!


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        One of my favorite interior design styles has been mid century modern/ Scandinavian minimalism. It's efficient, sleek, space conscious, and utilitarian. Maybe not the typical approach or style that has lots of fans anymore, but it's a style - approach to living that I grew up with and I think so many elements of it can work well in tiny houses.


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          Very cute stuff. When we were still planning I was shopping at JoyBird here in Houston. Their stuff was so cute but we just knew it wasn't going to fit in the end. We have ended up with almost no furniture because of the built-ins. We have two stools and a small storage/table thingy. lol. Do baskets count as furniture? 🤔