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    The dream would definitely be a house capable of being off-grid. This is mostly due to my intention to travel. So far, from what I understand, I have planned to include solar panels and the battery system, a water tank, a composting toilet, a black and grey water system, and probably some other things that I don't even know about yet! I will definitely be enlisting the help of a builder for this project!

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    Off-Grid is definitely a great way to go. Have you ever lived Off-Grid before though? I lived in a house off Grid for 3 months and our water pump was connected to a car battery that didn't hold a charge for more that a couple days. So Every two days or so I had to take the battery out and jump it with our car for about two hours. It was during the rainy season too so I would be constantly going out in the rain to do this. I still enjoyed living off grid though, but it definitely has it's ups and downs. Sometimes, I think I'd like a vehicle I can live in for a few days at a time, but I wouldn't mind having a home base for a bit wherever I'm living. I'm surprised no one has come up with a shower rental place. Like somewhere that you can rent a shower by the hour. Shower by the hour! That's pretty good, eh?


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      Hi folks,

      RE: Off the grid.

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      My tiny house is bolted to the ground in my vegetable garden, as it was my garden shed. I've integrated my 'off the grid-ness' with other available resources. I have my showers at the gym or the pool, which is an option on the road. I've used swimming pools and gyms all over the world, though the day pass can be expensive. Other than that, I have a composting toilet for emergencies (again the pool and gym serve this function mosts of the time). Otherwise, 12-volt with solar panel and two deep-cycle batteries. Oh! Yes, I have a water barrel, but for convenience I use the house outside tap and pay half the water bill.

      So I guess I'm living in a hybrid tiny house right now, but it is nice to have no power bills.


      kev aka FitOldDog