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  • Satellite TV and Internet

    Hi. I am planning on parking my Tiny house on my property about 5 miles outside of town.
    My internet and/or TV will have to be via satellite.
    There is no cable or dial up access out there.
    I will be in California, near the Bay Area.
    Are there any recommendations for this service? I believe Dish and Direct TV are satellite TV options? I am not sure about internet

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    Have you looked into wireless options as well? We have a local company that offers internet via radio signal through well-placed signal towers much like a cell phone company would. They specialize in rural internet offerings where we live, and our experience with this type of internet has been much better than what we had with satellite years ago.

    I am very interested in SpaceX and their new low-orbit Starlink satellite internet plans as well, but their public offerings are months away at best depending on your location.

    Traditional satellite internet tends to have high latency and low total data limits, at least it did when we used it in the past. But it's definitely an option, and if it's your only one, it's better than nothing. I wish I could remember who our provider was, but I don't.


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      We've been considering our options for internet service as well and are looking at having a dedicated hotspot through Sprint, which we currently use for our cell phones. Friends of ours have a dedicated hotspot through Verizon and are happy with it.

      I have used the hotspot on my phone to hookup my Kindle, Nook and laptop at various times when we have traveled or I didn't want to use public WiFi in restaurants and such.

      I know there companies like Hughes Net and others, but reading the reviews hasn't been encouraging - sloooooow service, high prices, poor customer service, etc. We are also looking at Dish since we currently use them and been happy with their TV services.

      Where we live in Palmdale, California, we rather hate DirectTV. Everyone we know who has used them always switches to Dish if they want satellite TV.


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        We are also looking at Google WiFi, apparently a new service being offered by Google that allows calling via their Wi-Fi services.