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2019 The Bus Fair - Oakridge, Oregon, US

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    2019 The Bus Fair - Oakridge, Oregon, US

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    2019 The Bus Fair - Oakridge: A tiny fair showcasing school bus tiny homes. With 20-30 school bus conversions ranging in all sizes, art and food vendors, beer garden and live music, The Bus Fair is a unique event unlike anything you've probably seen.

    Skoolies on display will not only range in size but also stages of their build as well. Curious of what a school bus looks like completely gutted or at the point of getting ready for spray foam insulation? We'll have buses in the different phases of the build so that you can see first hand the work that goes into each build. Bring a notepad and ask questions. Gain knowledge from other skoolie owners who have done it or are doing it.

    Our art vendors are a combination of artists from around the state as well as skoolie owners of the fair who have a unique product to sell. Each artist is reviewed and approved based on if their art, craft or product is handmade and from the heart. No mass produced overseas products here.

    06-08-2019 11:00 AM
    06-08-2019 08:00 PM
    Oakridge, Oregon, United States