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Tiny Town instead of Retirement Village

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  • Tiny Town instead of Retirement Village

    I think what we need in New Zealand is the establishment of a dedicated Tiny Town area where Tiny House owners of retirement age can rent the land but own the house. Services can be permanently established on each plot of land but when the house owner has to or wishes to move on the house can be offered for sale to a new owner or taken off the property to another location. This would avoid the high costs of retirement villages and the third value loss when the person leaves the village.In NZ we have railway lines that could be used far more. If the Tiny Town was located near one of these( for example the Far North route or the Auckland Waitakere/Hellensville routes ) and ran a service to a large town/city so the Tiny Town residents were not completely isolated for major shopping or had a regular bus service once a week for general shopping much in the way that retirement village residents have optional trips it would be ideal. Maybe even a Tiny Store to supply very basic goods, a communal vegetable garden or a Tiny Market once a week supplied by keen resident growers within the town and communal golf carts or similar to get to a car park which allowed all cars to be kept out of the living areas. Every time our Lotto reaches the highest amount allowed I take a ticket because I rather foolishly hope I will win and be able to establish my dream. I can never understand why these fabulously wealthy people don't do a few things like my Tiny Town as I know so many people who would love that kind of opportunity where everyone wins and profit is not the guiding factor.
    Anne Maguire