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    Living in a place that gets a good amount of rain has me wondering which way my entry door should open, the usual way to the inside or to the outside. I do plan on having an overhang for the door but where I live we can get lot of wind at the same time. I feel like I might be having to dry the inside of the door when it rains. Does anyone have any experience with living a door that swings outside?

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    We live in Washington, and we have a standard in-swing door. We also have a sliding glass door in our living room.

    I think doors that swing out have other concerns like the hinges being accessible from the outside, but I'm sure there are options to do it that way. Will you have a large enough porch to give you room to stand when you open the door if it swings out?

    It would probably be a lot like a car door in the rain. It would get wet, but not terribly so unless you just left it open in a downpour.


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      I also live in Washington and have an outswing door. Never gave much thought to it and this is how the builder made my tiny home. Probably because the space indoors is so small for the door to swing in. I do have an awning over my door, otherwise it would drip water on the floor if it swung in.

      I’m now looking at a screen door and there are many more options for inswing doors.


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        Maybe consider adding a storm door that swings out and the actual door to swing in. That way your front door is protected from the elements and the much less expensive storm door takes the hit with any weather. Good luck and let us know what you decide to go with!